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Sozial Holding

Sozial Holding GmbH is the owner of the city's old people's homes and other social companies. With around 900 employees, it is an important employer in the city.

Together with the Bahun Design agency, we were commissioned to completely redefine the internet presence, both conceptually and in terms of layout. The conceptual focus was on the specific requirements of the company.

  • Direct findability of the individual locations
  • Quickest possible accessibility of job offers (website & search engines)
  • Easy entry of job offers by editors
  • Low-threshold application possibilities
  • Output of job offers as structured data for job platforms
  • Quick contact to the telephone counselling service

Structures, contents and navigation paths were developed in several workshops and wireframe models were then created. In addition, we developed a new, modern design based on the existing CI, which integrates into the entire external presentation of Sozial Holding - from the print ad to the public bus.

The website was implemented together with the agency Bahun Design and Janosch Oltmanns using the content management system Contao 4.

The navigation docked at the bottom of the mobile version appears on all entry pages and can be closed by the user. This ensures the omnipresence of the most important points.

Focus Job Vacancies

Especially in the care sector, the personnel situation is difficult, so that both a broad distribution of offers and good support for applicants are important for employers in this segment.

Accordingly, the jobs posted by the editorial team are also output as structured machine-readable data, so that they appear in online job offers, e.g. Google job search. The application forms on the website are easy to understand and use. In parallel, the telephone contact and counselling options are communicated ubiquitously so as not to lose any users in the application process here.

News, Dates & Tracking

Separate diaries and news sections have been created for all eleven locations, which are currently not being used due to the pandemic.
The analysis tool Matomo is used to measure reach and also to evaluate other advertising measures.

Markus Peltzer
Bolksbuscherstraße 76
41239 Mönchengladbach

Tel.: +49 2166 937404