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Professional &
with as much power as you need.

From the initial idea through design and implementation to maintenance, I serve clients with a mix of experience, modern technology and contemporary design.

Digital only.

I develop individual & modern internet presences with which you are seen and understood as well as solutions based on the content management system Contao.

Concept & Planning

At the beginning was the word. In order to understand your project, target groups, structures and the scope of the project can be outlined after an initial discussion - usually a workshop. In addition, questions about content and processes that are important for the project are clarified. In the case of new projects, technical and administrative details such as the selection of a provider and domain procurement are discussed. When relaunching an existing website, the current status is recorded and new wishes and goals are defined.


The behaviour of users, their devices and their tastes are constantly changing. Therefore, in addition to an intimate flow of information, it is  important to develop contemporary aesthetics that meet the demands of the target groups. In interaction with your corporate design, drafts and wireframe models are created for different devices from which the website is developed.


I realise websites for direct customers or agencies. In addition to company presentations, I create intranet applications, blogs and individual solutions - all optimised for a wide range of end devices. As a rule, I use a content management system that enables the website operator to manage the content independently and without programming knowledge.

Content Management System Contao

Contao is a powerful CMS for professional websites that can be flexibly and scalably adapted to a wide range of needs. Contao has been on the market since 2006 and is developed and used internationally with a special focus on security and flexibility. I have been using the system for 15 years and as a long-time board member of the Contao Association, speaker, official partner agency and co-organiser of many Contao conferences etc. I am very familiar with the system.

If you have any questions about Contao, please feel free to contact me or ask for a demo.

Updates and service

Regular updates of your content management system keep your website secure and technically up-to-date. In addition, routine backups and continuous monitoring of technical parameters can protect your website.


If the website cannot be maintained independently by the website operators, I am also available to maintain the content.

Markus Peltzer
Bolksbuscherstraße 76
41239 Mönchengladbach

Tel.: +49 2166 937404