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In the last 20 years, I have realised many projects, from start-ups to established medium-sized companies to international organisations. With websites that inform, form opinions or present the services in the proper light.

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Landscape architect, Freiburg

In cooperation with the Berlin agency Haeberlin, this website was created that is clearly structured in form and function and provides detailed information about numerous projects, competitions and the company.

Services: Realisation, Support
Agency: Haeberlin, Berlin
Year: 2017 - 2022


Furniture, Mönchengladbach

As part of the redesign of its corporate identity, the website of the furniture manufacturer was completely redesigned so that the modernity and quality of the company is reflected in the website. It was realised with the content management system Contao.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2019 - 2022

Sozial Holding

Social services, Mönchengladbach

A website was created for the Mönchengladbach nursing homes, which provides a quick overview of the various locations and helps applicants in the care sector to find their way around.

Services: Realisation, Support
Agency: Bahun Design, Mönchengladbach
Year: 2021 - 2022


European Society of Neurogastroenterology, Vienna

In addition to a wide range of events, which are maintained independently by the Society, the website provides information on guidelines and offers the 3,500 members access to further content in a password-protected area.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agenca: Bahun Design, Mönchengladbach
Year: 2021

Schrötgens Architekten

Architect's office, Mönchengladbach

In the clear and straightforward website of the architecture office, all projects are managed independently in the content management system. In addition, rental properties are also managed there, which are output in another internet presence.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2017 - 2022

Bettina Neuhaus

Choreographer, Amsterdam

The internationally active choreographer provides information about workshops and performances on her website. The site was implemented as part of a makeover based on a content management system.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2022

Mai Direct

Recruiter, Mönchengladbach

A user-oriented design was created, which emphasises the personal support of the applicants in its presentation. Job offers were imported from the client's CRM system. Interested parties could submit their applications online, whereby these were played back into the CRM system, so that no additional maintenance of the website was necessary.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2017-2019

Unfortunately offline due to a change of name

Marx Engels Zentrum

Seminar Centre, Berlin

The website offers dates and information on speakers, which can be easily and quickly maintained by the editors themselves. For this purpose, the CMS Contao was customised with individual modules.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agentur: Direct customer
Year: 2018-2022

Neurogastro Conference

Conference, Bukarest

The biennial conference is managed via a central CMS under several domains for each event and continuously updated with the respective information.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Bahun Design, Mönchengladbach
Year: 2020-2022


Management Consulting, Neuss

The business economist Vera Ihlefeldt-Schlipköter offers counselling and personality coaching and presents seminars and working methods on her website. The design conveys the intended calm and value through form, colour and font.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2017 - 2022


Fashion Centre, Hamburg

The MCH is one of the leading German fashion retail centres. Together with Kikmedia from Kiel, the website was realised on the CMS Contao. Tenant and collection data are imported from the customer CRM via an interface. In addition, B2B and B2C newsletters are created and sent via the CMS. Furthermore, news, dates and guest exhibitors are presented on the website.

Services: Realisation, Support
Agency: Lach Group, Mönchengladbach
Year: 2015 - 2022

Ruetex GmbH

Yarn trading, Mönchengladbach

The bilingual website of the family-owned company from Mönchengladbach provides information about the locations and the product range and has been maintained by me for almost ten years.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2013-2022

Boyxen, Berge, Dammer

Law firm, Nettetal

On its website, the law firm offers the possibility of issuing a mandate online for fines and traffic matters. In addition, the law firm regularly publishes news from the fields of law.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2017-2022

Objekt & Gestaltung

Diorama construction, Mönchengladbach

Hartmut Schmiese realises fantastic objects for museums worldwide with his work as a diorama builder and theatre painter. In addition to the presentation of the works, the specific addressing of different target groups was the task of the conception and layout.

Services: Screendesign, Realisation, Support
Agency: Direct customer
Year: 2019 - 2022

Markus Peltzer
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